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For anyone who is looking to put their photography out there, I highly recommend entering photo contests. It’s a great way to have reputable people in the industry take a look at your work. Here are a few upcoming contests to consider:

Canon Photography in the Park

If you are spending anytime in our National Parks this summer consider submitting your best images to Canon’s Photography in the Park contest. One of our instructors, Darrell Gulin, is a judge along with Lewis Kemper and Joel Saferstein.

Deadline: September 30th

PDN’s World in Focus Contest

This another fantastic photography contest that has several categories for entries:

  • Travel Portrait Photos of local residents at work, at play, and celebrating.
  • Outdoor Scenes, landscapes, aerials, wildlife, waterscapes.
  • Sense of Place Scenes in cities, towns, and villages that convey a strong feeling of place.
  • Spontaneous Moments Photos that capture fun, quirky, surprising, and unrehearsed moments.
  • Photo Essay, up to six images that suggest a story around a particular travel theme.

Select winners will be displayed at the World in Focus Gallery exhibit at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York October 28-30, 2010. Additionally, winners will receive a one-year subscription to Photo District News magazine (PDN)

Deadline: August 23rd.

The Vermont Photography Workplace has a monthly juried competition and each month has a different theme and juror.

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marcy james

hey there page-o! this is awesome…i think blurb’s photo book contest is happening right now too! I love the Photography in the Park contest. I have never heard of that one.


i am always interested to join photocontests specially if there is a great deal of price on it .“

Paige McKenzie

Awesome news it is without doubt. My father has been looking for this update

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