Student Exhibition at RMSP Gallery

In June/July 2010 the RMSP Gallery will highlight the work of two previous RMSP students. After reviewing the submissions from nominated, outstanding previous RMSP students, we are pleased to announce the exhibit, Big Air, featuring Rita Pignato and Richard Cornelius.

RMSP instructors and assistants were invited to nominate students that had taken a class in any capacity with the school, and then these nominees were invited to submit proposals for an exhibit in the gallery. Both Rita and Richard participated in RMSP’s Career Training Program in 2009 – a five-month intensive photography course – the most extensive training course the school offers. Out of the 27 students nominated overall, 17 submitted proposals for gallery exhibition, including: Jared Alden, Richard Cornelius, Sarah Anne Curtis-Schaeffer, Pam Dolby, Kimber Hansen, Joan Herwig, Zola Kell, Lesley Kerr, Hailey King, Ryan Mastro, Doug Ness, Iva Peele, Rita Pignato, Claire Reitz, Michael Rosen, Scott Sharick, and Robert Windel.

We were excited to receive so many strong submissions and are thrilled to see the quality of work coming out of the school. Our congratulations to all of the nominees (and all previous RMSP students for their hard work) and we wish you all much continued success.


Kerri Rosenstein

Jeanne Chaput de Saintonge

Neil Chaput de Saintonge

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I’m so excited to see the show and to see more student work in the Gallery. Congratulations Rita and Richard!

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