Neil’s Free Evening Lecture Podcasts

Throughout the fall, winter and spring, RMSP holds free monthly lectures presented by a variety of speakers on a variety of photographic topics.  Neil Chaput de Saintonge lectures a couple of times throughout this series each year.  He loves talking about photography and impromptu lectures aren’t uncommon. On May 11th he held a bonus lecture on basic exposure. In the email we sent out announcing his lecture he explained:

My lecture on landscape photography was presented to a very full house last month. I’m realizing more and more that exposure is a topic that most people really don’t understand as well as they should. So, I am adding a lecture on exposure to our agenda. This will be basic to intermediate information and should really help photographers in their effort to understand and simplify the way they shoot. And, for those interested, at 8:30pm (immediately following the lecture) I will give a short talk about what my school offers in photographic education. More and more people want to make some extra income with their photography and I will give you some ideas for how you might be able to do that. I will end the evening with a short lecture on why switching your focus to the back of the camera will make your photography so much easier – you’ll love it.

We had a ton of requests on Facebook and via email for a podcast of  Neil’s lecture…ask and you shall receive!


Neil Chaput de Saintonge’s Free Lecture May 11, 2010
Part I: Basic Exposure


Neil Chaput de Saintonge’s Free Lecture May 11, 2010
Part II: RMSP Programs and Changing Your Focus to the Back of Your Camera


6 thoughts on “Neil’s Free Evening Lecture Podcasts

Alfie Wace

Thank you, thank you for listening to the requests and for following up on them. This is most excellent. I will enjoy hearing Neil’s voice again after so many years1

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Page Orb Pedde

Thanks for asking Alfie! I’m glad you like them. We’ll have more to come. In fact, I’m working on Jeremy Lurgio’s podcast on “How to take Better People Pictures” from this past Tuesday night right now! Stay tuned!


Nice to hear Neil again after so many years of being away from RMSP.

Mike Danckert

It’s awesome that these podcasts are made available. No matter what your skill level is, you can always learn something new.


is there a way to subscribe to the podcasts with iTunes?

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Page Orb Pedde

Yes! Here is the link to subscibe via itunes or just search for RMSP in the itunes store and you should go straight to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography Podcasts page.

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