Video Tutorials on What’s New in CS5

Mark S. Johnson has been an RMSP instructor for over 10 years during which time he’s played an important part in the growth of our digital education. I first met Mark when he  taught my one week Photoshop® class in Summer Intensive nine years ago (imagine Photoshop only having a one week slot!). Since then I’ve assisted many of his various workshops and classes in our Career Training program. He never ceases to teach me something new. Mark has an amazing ability to explain and demonstrate complex techniques while inspiring others with his incredible creativity.

Apparently he also has incredible timing. I had been on the hunt for Photoshop CS5 tutorials the last couple of days when Mark emailed me about the launch of his newest educational release. Starting May 13th, Mark is launching a series of video tutorials entitled, “Mark S. Johnson Presents What’s New in CS5: A Series of Ten Enlightening Video Tutorials.” Every day through May 22nd, Mark will release one of his tutorials on his site

If you love what you see and can’t wait for tomorrow you can always download his entire ten tutorial series for $9.95 (which is a steal), go to

Here is the schedule for the tutorial launch:

Thursday, May 13 – Content-Aware Fill and Heal
Learn secrets for retouching with Content-Aware Fill and Content-Aware Spot Healing.

Friday, May 14 – Refine Edge Refinements
Discover how to use the Refine Edge (Refine Mask) dialog in a compositing workflow, while exploring the dialog’s new Edge Detection, Smart Radius, Refine Radius, Erase Refinements, Decontaminate Colors, and Output To features.

Saturday, May 15 – Tools Enhancements
Take a journey into CS5’s tools enhancements, including a Crop tool Rule of Thirds overlay, a straightforward Straighten button, a scrubby Zoom tool, a Neutral Density Gradient preset, and several others.

Sunday, May 16 – Camera Raw Improvements
Take a look at Adobe Camera Raw 6.0’s new features, including 2010 Processing, vastly improved Noise Reduction, Add Grain, and two significantly improved styles of Post Crop Vignetting.

Monday, May 17 – Automated Lens Correction
Learn how to use the Lens Correction Auto Correction panel to search by lens criteria and automatically remove geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting.

Tuesday, May 18 – Layers Enhancements
Take a peek at several new and improved layers features, including Paste in Place, drag-and-drop smart object layering, Layer Styles defaults, and many others.

Wednesday, May 19 – Puppet Warp
Discover secrets for realistically warping parts of a subject using Puppet Warp’s remarkable (almost sci-fi) features.

Thursday, May 20 – A Giant Leap for HDR
Take a look at the revamped Merge to HDR Pro feature and the new single image HDR Toning dialog, including HDR presets, ghost removal, and a powerful new slider-based interface.

Friday, May 21 – Bridge Enhancements
Explore improvements to the Batch Rename dialog and learn how to watermark in the Output module.

Saturday, May 22 – Painting on a Photograph with the Mixer Brush
Learn secrets for using CS5’s Mixer and Bristle brushes to realistically blend paints with colors in a photograph.

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