Welcome to Paper Airplanes, our RMSP blog.

You may know Rocky Mountain School of Photography (RMSP) as one of the most respected photography schools in the country—or not. If not, we hope our 20+-year history teaching thousands of students who have enhanced their photography and enriched their lives with us is enough to convince you to join us sometime. Nothing can beat spending time with us in the classroom or out in the field.

When the Weekends, Workshops or Career Training sessions are over, we find that we miss that connection we make with others who share our passion for photography. We want to create, inspire, and share with an even wider community on a more frequent basis. How do we do this? We’d like to introduce you to our new RMSP blog, Paper Airplanes.

We think there’s something magical about how we continuously attract the most wonderful people on earth. On this blog, we invite you to be part of this growing community of people who love photography. As for us, we simply can’t help ourselves. The only thing we love more than photography is educating people about it. Our hope is that Paper Airplanes will inspire, inform and create a community you will love to be a part of.

Why Paper Airplanes??

We hoped you’d ask! As anyone who has been through our Summer Intensive program might have already guessed, we snagged the name from the last assignment our students complete during graduation every summer. The brainchild of Marie Osborne, our Career Training Program Director, it goes something like this:

  • Each student receives a blank piece of colored paper.
  • He or she writes a single word or phrase on the paper that captures their aspirations, visions for their future, hopes for success in photography—you get the idea.
  • Step by step, Forest Chaput de Saintonge (son of RMSP owners Neil and Jeanne) walks them through the process of folding the paper into an airplane.
  • The results are as varied, unique and personal as the students themselves.
  • On Marie’s call, the group launches their planes– dreams, hopes, aspirations– into flight.

For us, the process mimics the overall RMSP experience. When you decide it’s time to take flight, we help you build your aircraft and prepare you to launch your dreams. The sky’s the limit.

And then we clean up a room full of paper airplanes.

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I can’t begin to express how excited I am to see the RMSP blog launch. It’s so exciting to imagine all of the conversations that are ahead. I am also so happy that our students have another outlet to network and bond with us and each other with their photography.


Wow! This is wonderful. I know it will be another wonderful and exciting year at RMSP.

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What an exciting addition to the RMSP connection. I look forward to hearing from past, present and future students and staff for input on what is happening.

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Looks great!

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Doug Ness

Congratulations on the blog launch! Looking forward to some great content and interaction with the wonderful RMSP family.

steve schwartz

Wishing you the best with the launch of the blog. I know it will be awesome like everything else you guys do.

Alfie Wace


I haven’t seen you in years but, my dear, you look mah-vel-ous! Congratulations on your BLOG and your fantastic work at RMSP. I missed you and Neil during your last trip to Atlanta…hopefully I will catch up with you both on your next trip ‘home’

Alfie Wace
SCA, Class ’89


Congratulations on the blog launch. Love the name of “paper airplanes”. So appropriate.

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After just a ‘weekender’ I’m sure the blog will be a tremendous asset to US:)


I’ve attended several of the weekends put on by RMSP and have learned more than I can share in just a few lines. It’s great to see the natural progression in the form of the new blog. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!


I so excited you started this. Have a great summer. I wish I was going through it again. I can’t wait till August for Pro Studies

Kimber Hansen

This is an awesome idea. Can’t wait for future post. This is truly an amazing community. Irreplaceable!

Kate Cooper

Love the blog, well done to Page for all the hard work collating it and making it happen. Great videos Forest. Reading Neils DOF article I felt he was standing behind me saying it. Looking forward to doing something for the May assignment.

Rita Pignato

This is great Jeanne. Look forward to more blogging. RMSP is definitely a community of family and friends.

Jeanne Elliott

Outstanding blog page. I have already plugged it in as a favorite and look forward to every entry.

Christian Louboutin

i have enjoyed reading thank for sharing your story Greeting.



I just now became a member of blog.rmsp.com.
I’m expecting to search round just a little and make contact with fascinating folks and discover a few facts.

I hope this message doesn’t find itself in an inappropriate section. I’m hoping you’ll forgive me if it does.


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