Where are they now?

We are like proud parents when it comes to the success of our students. So bear with us as we brag a little. Here are a few of our Career Training graduates that are doing great things with their photography. Take a look:

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Phil Nesmith’s work, Flight Patterns, was just published in a beautiful unconventional Photography magazine called Diffusion Magazine. Way to go Phil!



Thanks for the shout out!

Part of the article that I wrote for Diffusion can be seen at alternativephotography.com.


Hope to see you soon.

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Page Orb Pedde

Phil this is an awesome article! Thanks for sharing.

Ruth Pitman

We are also proud of our son, Graeme, as he pursued his natural talents and we are very thankful for RMSP and all they taught him!!


Here are two more who have gone on to do great things:

Ryan Thompson: http://rdtphotography.com (2003)

John Cole: http://johncolephoto.com (2005)

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Page Orb Pedde

Thanks for adding two more student websites. Their work is fantastic. So good to see what everyone is doing now.

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marcy james

I remember Graeme very well. He had a beautifully unique eye from day one. I was always so curious to see what he was going to come up with in critique.

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