Is Now the Time to Follow Your Dreams?

Today, more than ever, people ask themselves, “How can I start my own photography business in this economic climate?” Last year as the stock market crashed and corporate giant after corporate giant came tumbling down, people were doing all they could to hold on to what they had. Fast forward almost a year; the dust has settled and the new landscape is making itself clear. In the rubble of corporate corruption many small businesses are still there. In the face of a recession and hard times, small businesses and people seeking out self employment opportunities are doing surprisingly well. This is a time when small businesses can move more nimbly, navigate changes, think creatively and help bolster local communities more than ever.

Think of it this way: you are navigating a body of water full of icebergs and unknown dangers. A small ship has the ability to move quickly and make navigation decisions that will skillfully find a route through the obstacles with a lesser chance of accident. A larger ship can’t make fast movements. Any direction given to the right or left of an obstacle takes time to come to fruition. Correcting the larger ship’s course takes a great deal of foresight and patience. In uncertain times when things happen quickly and with little warning, reaction time is crucial and the bigger corporations have certainly seen their fair share of sinking ships.

This is not to say that things aren’t tough and that small businesses haven’t felt the same pressures that everyone else has. It’s undoubtedly been a rough year; smaller companies have certainly taken big hits. Now, however, is the most opportune time to position oneself in this market as an emerging business. As big box stores lay empty, entrepreneurs are left to gain the attention of customers with sales, events, by sponsoring community events, etc. Not only are they creatively marketing in this way but they are effectively bringing members of the community together. People are looking more and more to the store on the corner, the people they know and trust to spend their money.

So how do you enter a new business in the safest way possible? You invest in yourself. You are a stock, a commodity that you know better than anything else. Seek out an education that fits your needs, your end goals. Build a business plan. Then, one foot in front of the other, create your own path in this new landscape.