Welcome to Neil’s Corner

Neil Chaput de Saintonge is the co-owner of Rocky Mountain School of Photography. When we were producing a monthly newsletter we decided that Neil needed an outlet, his own corner so that he can do what he does best which is share anything and everything he knows about photography.  If you’ve ever met Neil you know that he eats, breathes, and sleeps photography. He is constantly researching cameras, lenses and other accessories. When not researching the newest, latest, and greatest item to hit the photography market he is sharing the information:

  • He teaches workshops, group lectures, and local community classes.
  • He critiques once a month for a group of photographers in Missoula.
  • He mentors and instructs in our Career program throughout the summer.
  • He meets with budding photographers to discuss their equipment and what they should do to further their knowledge.

He never stops. Neil is the Energizer bunny of photography and that’s why we love him.

Enjoy Neil’s Corner.